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Ask anyone to describe a bad Real Estate Agent, and you will most likely hear that they are liars, speak with commission breath, and are only interested in lining their own pockets. Whilst some agents do unfortunately operate in this manner, Real Estate Agents that provide a service based on trust, honesty, empathy and care, without compromising the end result do exist.

A bad Real Estate Agent goes beyond simply dishonest and unethical conduct, but in their skills and attributes that ultimately determines the final sale price of your home. Looking out for five little signs will separate average agents from outstanding agents, and will ensure that the outcome you desire for your home is achieved.

They don’t communicate

One of the most important qualities found in an outstanding Real Estate Agent is communication.

After meeting you at an open house or at an appraisal, an outstanding agent will constantly be in communication with you; whether it be follow up calls, keeping you up to date with the market, or providing information that adds value to you in your area. The difference of an average agent to an outstanding agent, is that they will ask or pressure you as to when you are selling, whereas the latter will build trust and care by assisting you in preparing for your sale both emotionally and practically.

The communication you receive from an agent before employing them, will determine the communication you receive during the sale of your home. A bad agent will struggle to explain the entire sales and legal process, communicate little feedback from the market, and inevitably will not negotiate a confident and care-free manner, leaving you stressed, uninformed and with an average sale price.

They do more of the talking

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The difference between an average agent and an outstanding agent can be measured by who does more of the talking.

When selling your home, an agent that shows empathy, understanding and care is extremely important, and is found by listening more, and talking less. Every home and family has a story to tell, and there is always a reason for the need to sell. Agents should show a passion and a commitment to understanding why your current home no longer meets your criteria, and what they can do to make your life better.

A bad agent however, will do more of the talking and lead the conversation to position themselves as the best agent to service you, where the basis of your conversations are around their achievements, results and experience. Whilst these conversations are important, an agent should spend most of your time listening to your story, your needs, and your desires. CampaignTrack, a leading Real Estate Marketing company, say that whilst listening is important, asking questions is much more powerful.

They show little emotion

Selling your home is a stressful, nerve-wracking and at times emotional lifestyle transition, therefore it is important to engage an agent that will support you.

An outstanding agent will understand that selling a home is one of the most expensive financial transactions that you will ever make, and that properties are not just houses of bricks and mortar, but homes contained with memories and emotions. A bad agent will ultimately not be able to empathise with your situation, and therefore not be equipped to re-assure you through the high’s and low’s of selling your property. Furthermore, a lack of emotion may also indicate that they are prioritising their needs and requirements over yours.

Their advice lacks substance

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You are paying an experienced and knowledgeable Real Estate Agent to provide you with the support and expertise of selling your home, therefore it is important that the advice you are given is sound.

Many bad agents unfortunately, can overquote your home to you in an effort to spark intrigue and urgency, ultimately in an effort to win your business by believing an expectation which isn’t easily achievable. On the other hand, a bad agent will also underquote your home and provide misleading information to home buyers in an effort to also create intrigue and urgency, ultimately to spark competition on your home to achieve higher price point.

Ultimately, the property market will determine where it sees value in your home. An outstanding agent will work with honesty and transparency by communicating feedback to you, whether it is good or bad, and will work with you to determine the best outcome for your property. Furthermore, a good agent will work tirelessly to ensure that the unique and outstanding features and benefits of your home are sold, and that the negatives are dealt with in a controlled manner.

They work too hard

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Whilst it may seem that a hard-working agent provides the tenacity required to achieve the best possible price for your home, doing so can also be counter-productive and detrimental to the outcome.

Many bad agents unfortunately, accept a large amount of business so much so, that they cannot efficiently service you. When their time should be spent communicating with potential buyers or attending inspections, they are spending more of their valuable time prospecting for future business. An outstanding agent will ensure that they have a calendar that allows for the balance of servicing their clients, but also putting in the hard work to keep the momentum in their business going.

Ultimately, what makes the difference between a bad agent and an outstanding agent, is the passion that drives them to succeed. Have they got your best interests at heart? Are they driven by a commitment to ensure that you have a first class experience? An outstanding agent understands that your success is their success. More about the qualities of a good Real Estate Agent can be found here.

At Nguyen Real Estate, reforming the Real Estate industry with industry professionals that are genuine, honest, transparent and empathetic is what ignites our passion to succeed. With Real Estate Agents often perceived with a negative connotation, we are committed to ensuring that we are continually seen as agency that you can trust and rely on.

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