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4 tips to buy your dream home under budget

So you’re looking to buy your dream home? You’ve eyed off the market, scouted out your favourite suburbs and had a case of house-envy long enough? Or maybe you’re finally taking the not-so-subtle hint from your parents to fly the nest.

Whatever your reason, buying your dream house is a decision you don’t want to make lightly. It’s a decision that, if done well, will set you up for the rest of your life.

To help you along the process, here’s the top 4 tips that we give to our clients to help them buy their dream homes under budget…every single time.


Tip # 1:
Make sure you are using no more than 30% of your income to service the mortgage

When you find your dream home, it’s easy to want to throw everything into it: your finances your time and a higher mortgage. It’s tempting to do whatever it takes to snag the place you’ve been dreaming of all your life.

But if you want your ongoing costs to be sustainable, and in preparation for rainy days, you’ll have to ensure that you’re not spending more than 30% of your income to service the mortgage.

Should you encounter shortfalls in your income or an unexpected change in your circumstances, you’ll want a steady buffer to cover your costs.


Tip # 2:
Look at the surrounding area of your dream suburb first

We get it. You’ve always dreamed of having that white house on the corner of that perfect street in your favourite leafy suburb. What you may not realise is that the suburb next door has the same type of streets and the same type of houses for a fraction of the cost.

It’s also worth having a look at what surrounding councils offer in terms of rates and facilities, as it may suit you better in the long run.


Tip # 3:
Don’t get emotional.

Once you find that dream house that ticks all your boxes, it can be hard to keep an open mind. But when it comes to buying your dream home, it’s important to have just that.

If we get too fixated on a home, we can find it demoralising when things don’t go according to plan: we get outbid, we overspend our budget or we end up buying a house that may not have been as good as we first thought.

If you miss out on a home that you think is the perfect fit, it’s important to think positively. Stay open. Sometimes it’s a matter of being patient and waiting until another home comes on the market. Sometimes it might mean thinking outside of the box about not necessarily what a house is, but what it could be.


Tip # 4:
Let Professionals Do The Negotiating For You

It can be tricky navigating all the ins and outs of home ownership, and when it comes to buying your dream home, you don’t want to get it wrong. All the forms and fine print you have to fill out are enough to put anyone off.

The benefit in hiring the right real estate professionals is that they are trained to facilitate the compliances and understand the ins-and-outs of negotiation with no emotions attached.

At Nguyen Real Estate, we’re not just here to help you purchase your dream home, we always have your best interest in mind when it comes to the paperwork and negotiating.

We’re also proudly listed as one of the Top 10 property agents on and we’re so confident in what we offer that we guarantee you a 90-day turnaround for all our projects.

So if you’re looking to buy your dream home, contact us and we’d love to help your dream come true with ease.

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