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4 qualities you deserve in a Real Estate Agent


If you were to take a sample size of the general public, and asked them to describe the qualities of a Real Estate Agent, the results would be staggering.

Dodgy. Charming. Misleading.

In fact, Real Estate Agents are ranked amongst the least trusted professions of the world; right up there with politicians and car salesman, just to name a few. And with heavy underquoting attention on mainstream media, who can blame people for feeling this way?

Fortunately, good Real Estate Agents do exist. We can’t taint everyone with the same brush for the sake of a few bad eggs.

The reality is, the real estate industry is a reputation and service-driven profession. The agents that are trustworthy and possess the qualities you deserve will always be backed by a good name, strong reputation, and a long list of happy clients who continually refer them business.

Given the digital age we live in, the transparency available through websites such as and other review platforms gives potential vendors confidence backed by the experience of others.

And because you deserve better, here are 4 qualities that you can look out for, before you sign the dotted line on the exclusive authority contract:

#1. Puts in the hard yards


The harsh reality of the real estate profession, is that it is not a standard 9-5 job.

We hate to break it to you, but a good Real Estate Agent cannot service you and obtain a premium price for your property, without doing the hard yards. That means late nights, weekends, and public holidays.

Take this for instance: a buyer has verbally made an offer you can’t refuse, and is willing to put it in writing at 10:00pm on a Saturday night. It would be a shame to miss out on a signed Contract of Sale because your agent wasn’t willing to work for you.

A hard-working agent goes beyond just opening the doors of your home to the public. The key to selling your home involves an in-depth buyer analysis, and a prolific follow up process to ensure that your home is not simply presented, but sold with features and benefits.

A nice European luxury car and a high commission rate is not what sells your property, or increases your probability of a profitable sale. It’s how hard they’re willing to work for you, with your best interests in mind.

#2. A skilled negotiator


Refined and well-honed negotiation skills is the make or break of your property selling at a premium price.

Truth be said, though. Negotiation is not a process of asking for top dollar and playing hard to get.

A skilled negotiator possesses strong interpersonal skills, and an ability to communicate intricately. They are in a position to sell to a buyer because they have built a level of rapport, understand their motivations and desires on an emotional level, and will make confident decisions based on their buyer analysis.

Furthermore, through years of experience, great negotiators know how to read buyers by the way that they speak, and what their body language may be communicating which could be important to a sale.


#3. Listens more than they speak


This title may seem counter-intuitive, as any vendor would expect to have a confident and well-spoken agent to represent them in the sale of their home. While this too is important, don’t doubt the power of a listening agent.

Real Estate Agents, by definition, don’t just sell houses. A good agent facilitates the lifestyle dreams, goals and needs of both buyers and sellers.

When a retiree wants to downsize from acreage into a unit selling the biggest transaction they will ever make, they want help in finding their forever home. Or if a family has come to terms with the death of a loved one and needing to sell the estate, they want an agent who will support them through an emotional and stressful time.

Equally, an agent that takes the time to know the desires and motivations of buyers are in a better position to sell them a home at a price that exceeds your expectations.

Interpersonal skills are paramount for any Real Estate Agent, and the best indication of this is from the moment you meet an agent. In other words, are they selling themselves or are they taking the time to hear your story?


#4. Under-promises, over-delivers


Sounds cliché, however many buyers and sellers have been burned by unfulfilled promises made by agents.

One of the most common promises made to potential vendors is the price that an agent can sell the home, in a bid to win their business; only to find that the market sees value far below their initial ‘expectations’.

A quality you deserve, is an agent that will be honest with their price expectations, and does not make any promises they can’t keep. Infact, there are no guarantees with price.

When appraising your property, agents should provide you with documentation of recent comparable sales in your area to demonstrate any estimations they have made, and is required by law when placed on the market.

With many agents making promises and commitments to win you over, it becomes difficult to know how to choose an agent that will act with you in mind, and in a way that you deserve.

Let their actions and track-record do the talking – someone else’s positive experience can be your experience also.
At Nguyen Real Estate, we are passionate about working with both buyers and sellers with care and with ease, and can be rest assured that your desires, goals and dreams will always be the forefront of our work. Contact us on (03) 9687 6070 today.

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