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3 reasons why selling your own home isn’t a good idea

Home owners selling their own homes has become a reality through advancements in technology.

And it sounds simple enough – take a few shots on your smartphone, upload them on the internet for a flat-fee, and hope that someone pays top dollar for your home.

Let us take off our Real Estate Agent hat for a moment.

We’re here to tell you, that selling your own home is not a good idea. And it’s not to line our own pockets, but to line yours.

People choose to sell their own homes because they want to save money on Agent’s commissions and other related costs such as marketing.

Suffice to say, you will save money. But consider the potential that you could make on your property when you engage a professional – which in the end, isn’t really saving money at all.

Though we may be biased, here are three reasons why selling your home isn’t a good idea, and is far more likely to yield a better result for you and your family.

It’s not your day job


There’s more to selling a property than simply uploading photos and a nice copy on, and hope that your phone rings red hot.

The marketing produced for your property needs to be of high quality and standard, as it will be the first impressions that people have of your home through advertising.

Sadly, your smartphone photos won’t cut it. You need a professional property marketing team who will sell the features of your home through photography and copywriting, acting as bait for potential home buyers to visit your home.

Even more important than the marketing of your home, is the conversations that occur post-inspection. Real Estate Agents sell for a living, and it’s important that you have a professional who can confidently sell the features and benefits of your home despite people’s negative feedback.

Here’s the make or break of your sale: the negotiation.

Real Estate Agents are professional and experienced negotiators, who will fight to ensure that your property is sold for top dollar. It’s a profession of its own that simply can’t be replicated.

Other reasons also include your own availability in being able to open your home for potential buyers, answering phone calls and enquiries whilst working your own job, and so forth.

It’s best to stick to your own day job, and allow a professional to do the hard work for you.

The strings will hold you back


The reality is, home owners are not impartial when it comes to selling their own homes.

Home owners will always have some level of emotion attached with their homes. For some, the home represents a haven of memories raising their family in the home; while for others it may be something as simple as their first investment property.

No matter what the reason, emotions are always involved.

It’s important to engage a Real Estate Agent who is impartial and carries no emotional attachment to your home, as they are best placed to sell the features and benefits of your home, without being influenced emotively.

Home buyers carry a reputation for providing mostly negative feedback for any given property, in a bid to conceal their interest in a home, and to de-value the property in a hunt for a bargain.

Real Estate Agents are best placed to handle any negative feedback or criticism of your home in a professional manner without the risk of being offended or moved emotionally.

Lack of a database and inside knowledge


One of the largest disadvantages of selling on your own, is the lack of a database of hot buyers ready to buy in your area.

There’s more to the role of a Real Estate Agent than greeting people through a property, and signing contracts. A large proportion of their job, is building relationships with buyers looking for the perfect property in your area.

Through relationship, Real Estate Agents have inside knowledge of these buyers that you will never know of. The reality is, many of these buyers have inspected properties in your area, perhaps have missed out on your area.

Through a prolific follow up process, Real Estate Agents know their budgets, how much they’re willing to spend, and what their deepest motivations are in buying into the area – all of which are useful for negotiation.

Selling your home is costly, we understand this. After paying hefty capital gains tax (for some home owners), legal fees, and other related costs, the natural regression is to save money on commissions and marketing.

There’s a saying, that you need to spend money in order to make money – and this can’t be more true in real estate.

It is important to maximise your reach, present your property to the highest of standards, and leave the hard work and the money-making to the professionals.

At Nguyen Real Estate, we are a team of professional and experienced Real Estate Agents who know our area well, and have a database of buyers still waiting for us to find them the perfect home.

Please contact us for a free appraisal of your home today.

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